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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Film B.E.D

Film B.E.D - B.E.D is a 2013 South Korean film written and directed by Park Chul-soo, based on the short story of the same name by novelist Kwon Ji-ye. Starring theater actors Jang Hyuk-jin, Lee Min-a and Kim Na-mi, the film is an erotic relationship drama about three people. B, whose life "begins on the bed and ends on the bed", has an affair with married woman E and later, after she breaks up with him, he marries D, a single mother and career woman. B.E.D made its world premiere at the 2012 Busan International Film Festival and was released in theaters on January 17, 2013.
Film B.E.D
Synopsis Film B.E.D : Three men and women's passionate and shocking erotism, Life starts and ends in the bed. B for Bed for Werther, E for Erotic Desire of Aphrodite, D for Dream About Comfortable Slumber - everyone speaks in a different face and language. 
Film B.E.D

B is an indecisive man who is in depression. E doesn't like to be bored and will risk having an affair to fullfill his sexual desires. E is the boyfriend of a married woman but he doesn't want to be freed from those restrains. D is the wife of a man who needed a capable career woman and a loyal housewife at the same time. These three have a story as complicated as a puzzle game...B.E.D

Film B.E.D Online

Hangul : 베드
Revised Romanization : Bedeu
McCune–Reischauer : Pedŭ
Directed by : Park Chul-soo
Produced by : Oh Young-hwan, Ryu Hyeon-jin
Written by : Park Chul-soo, Seo Kyung-sook
Based on : B.E.D by Kwon Ji-ye
Cast :
Jang Hyuk-jin as B
Lee Min-a as E
Kim Na-mi as D
Noh Yoon-ah
Lee Seong-wook
Bae Jang-soo
Music by Oh Soo-jin
Cinematography : Oh Seung-hwan
Editing by : Im Cheol-min
Distributed by : Mountain Pictures
Release dates : 
October 7, 2012 (Busan International Film Festival)
January 17, 2013 (South Korea)
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