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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Film Scandals

Film Scandals - (Jiantao Hong) stars as a boss who appears to be living a great life but is actually living off his rich wife. Their marriage, however, progressively degenerate after years. Jiantao was caught having extra marital affair by his wife. To keep him from legally contesting for any property and money that they have will have to share after they divorce, his wife hired private investigator (Xiaoou Zhou) to record evidence of adultery. 
Film Scandals

To prevent that, he hired a thief (Chao Wu) to steal the video evidence from the PI. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned and the thief was caught in action. The hope of a simple and quiet divorce eventually spins out of control.

Film Scandals Online

Jack Kao as (Mafia Boss)
Liu Keng Hung as (Number 2)
Xiaoou Zhou as (Private Investigator)
Jiantao Hong as (Boss)
Chao Wu as (Thief)
Xinyu Jiang as (Chen Chen)
Chu Chu Zhou as (Chen Zi Sheng)
Shaohua Zhang as (Beggar Grannie)
Bo Zhang as (Fan Rui)
Lan Wang as (Boss Wife)

Movie: Scandals
Chinese: (Jiong ren zhi yue nao yue yang)
Director: Huatong Li
Release Date: 14 March , 2013
Runtime: 89 min.
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Language: Mandarin
Country: China
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